Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hi Billy! This is for a Job possibility with Billy....Hope he picks me!

Hi Billy! Laura and Sasha's Excellent Adventure - Hi Billy!
Started with a Vacation and Continues with a Lifestyle Change;
Living the RV Dream - Applying to a Possible Job with Hi Billy!

Applying to a Possible Job with Hi Billy!

Present time:

An email sent to me (and I am sure countless of other people):

Interested in working with me on a project?
I'm planning to put a lot more focus into ForeverJobless in 2014. To make this possible, and to be efficient with my time, I'm looking for someone to work closely with me on anything/everything related to ForeverJobless. Everything from setting up calls for me, to coordinating interviews, to promoting blog posts, to launching a podcast, to editing video, to potentially running a conference, etc...
I want someone who's extremely passionate about what being ForeverJobless stands for, and doesn't mind doing sometimes menial tasks to help achieve the overall goals of the ForeverJobless. Most importantly, I need someone who can just get shit done. If they don't know how to do it, they can figure it out.
You'd be working very closely with me to help shape the future of ForeverJobless, and would have the chance to learn about entrepreneurship from a very unique perspective. I want someone who's not only passionate about being an entrepreneur, but who wants to learn- this opportunity would allow you to see how I run my businesses up close, and hopefully gain insights that will help you to improve your entrepreneurial skills to use in the future for your own ventures.
If you're interested in this opportunity, fill out form #2 by Sunday, November 24th at 11:59pm Central to submit your application:
I saw this email and at first I was thinking, delete, but then I reread the email. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to really get my hands into and learn from someone who knows about entrepreneurship and online presence like Billy. I heard about him through Smart Passive Income (a blog that I started reading this summer) and thought, why not me?

I would like to learn more about earning income passively. This website has been earning money but it is pennies on the dollar. Our LauraNSasha name is everywhere yet few are passing us enough money to live on much less be a major presence online.

I can only hope that Billy will chose me (from the countless of other people) and we can work together. My winter is pretty flexible, as we are full-time RVers and travel during the winter so I can make the time for Billy. I hope that by chosing me he can concentrate on his business and I can make money too. From the announcement, I can not tell if I have to be there as a presence or can work remotely. I am hoping for the latter.

We have great internet service and cell phone service and I have a Skype account plus my computer is a MacBook so I have Facetime. Works really well. If this turns into a great project, I can always add more money to the system, but I have to make sure I get the job.

In the summer I work as a Park Ranger, but if this job is so fabulous and making me money, then I can put that on hold or depending on the job, work two at once. It all depends on Billy.

I think Billy, you can see I am interested in the job, and passionate about what I do. If you ultimately decide on me as your assistant, this page will be linked into the navigation pane. Right now it will just be live, as a stand alone page within my website.

You can puruse this website for more on our insights, pictures, and videos but I will also show you where my online presence is as well:
There you have it, some of my life and what I have done. It might be a bit of a mishmash, but I am planning to get most of it straightened out this winter. I have been on Facebook a bunch but just started the group and really did up the Facebook page this year. Thankfully the website has not languished like it did in years past, but I still need to work on broken links and different formats.

With an interesting job working for Billy, I will learn more, have better insights, and make some money during the winter. If it continues to be a better job that what I have now, I'd say it is worth it in the end.

So hopefully this page will be on the navigation pane, I will be working for Billy, and my own stuff will not be pushed to the wayside.

So what do you think Billy, are you ready to hire me?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Long time no see

Hi All,
Long time no see. I've been on our own website for a while now. If you want to see what has been going on with us, check out

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Trying to post to blogger my own video

it seems as though I can post a YouTube video to my blog, but have not been able to do the post of our own Sasha to our blog. We will continue to keep trying. Thanks for looking.
Got it to work, now we'll see if it works on other websites.

Sasha & The Weather At Tall Pines Campground

Talking about the weather at Tall Pines Campground during the Mid-Atlantic Truck Camper Rally in April. We were playing around with my camera (See and found it could take video.



You Tube - My first time posting on the blog

posted a You Tube video - just seeing this guy bounce around, why is he not on someone's gymnastics team?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bought a Gun at Dicks Sporting Goods

Buying a Gun at Dicks Sporting Goods Store
August 12, 2006
Now just so you know, this is our first gun, and we know some people will be agast that we bought one and others will like the idea, but we figure the reason to have it is for the wild life: whether or not it is people or animals. As we will be living in some remote areas this fall, we figured that it might be a good idea to have one.

So Sasha, in all his widsom, started looking around for the proper gun to have six months ago. As we are not going to use this for markmanship but for protection, we had decided on a shotgun not a rifle or hand gun. A handgun would not work against bears and a rifle you have to be precise, and shoot accurately. With a shotgun, you can fill it with buck shot and shoot. So he got info from the people (thanks) and then started calling around to Gun Dealers in the Washington DC area first.

He called up Walmart (yes they have guns!), Clark Brothers (family owned gun store in Warrenton), Gander Mountain (sporting store in PA), Bass Pro-Shops, Cabela's (almost all their stores), and Galayns (which is now Dick's Sporting Goods Store.) We ultimately found the shotgun at Dicks - right in the Dulles Center Mall - a shopping mall had the gun, can you believe it? I don't know about you, but the malls in NJ do not sell guns, so this was a new experience for me.

So Anyway, we went in, filled out all of the paperwork (Sasha had called up and explained that we live at one address but get our mail at another address which is a big deal when you get a gun), paid and was escorted out with our gun (it seems, although you can buy a gun in the mall, you can not walk out of the store without the sales person escorting you to the parking lot, I guess it is a liability to have guns in the store s0 this is how they get around that.) We went immediately home and put it away. So that is why Dicks Sporting Goods Store is one of the sponsors, they were good to us, so we are being good back to them.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Testing out a New PC Card & More Pictures of Arizona

Testing out the Sprint PC Card & More Pictures of Arizona!

First a picture from Arizona while we were out in Walnut Creek: This is a picture of the cliff dwellings out there, they just truly amazing! Even looking back - we did go back in May, and it is taking me this long to get the pictures up - seeing that area makes me want to go back.

So anyway, about the sprint card, Sasha and I are going up to NJ and NY to get the Trailer and so we went up this evening. As we were headed to the Fort Henry Tunnel, I was uploading approximately 21 pictures to with the Sprint PC card. It was going VERY fast (especially since we are used to the T-Mobile card which has dial-up speeds) This card has speeds closer to DSL which is fabulous. So anyway, we were getting closer and closer to the tunnel and I was like oh no, we are going to lose all the work of uploading those 21 files. BUT thankfully, right before the tunnel (and I am talk within a tenth of a mile) ImageShack stated that the pictures had upload, now what do you want to do?

So I decided that I should wait before I do anything on Blogger because I thought for sure, I would lose connection. Well Guess What! That was not the case, I had connection the entire time in the tunnel WOW, Boy I do like sprint out here. We will see if it is as good on non-interstate roads.

Sometimes it is a good Idea to stay on the trail, and other times, not so good. We are stuck in traffic, not too far from the Maryland Susquahanna Bridge and we are in bumper - to bumper traffic. It looks like there is an accident and I asked a trucker and they said that there was a five mile backup from construction. It is kind of funny, but since we are in the SuperDuty, we are almost level with the truckers! So he was able to talk to me at practically the same level. Sasha said, he probably thought I was super cool since I had the laptop, but I said that the trucker probably thought why didn;t she look it up on the web? Quite honestly, I did not even notice until we were slowing down. That is what happens when I write, I just do not pay attention to the stuff around me, The same is true when I read, as my entire family knows.

In a previous post, I had talked about the steps, so here is a picture of them - there are 240 steps going down (as well as up!)

After we had gone up and down all of those steps, we decided we needed to cool off, so we went to slide rock state park, well known for its natural slides of very cold water. Just taking the pictures the water looked cold!

But of course, we had some brave souls try out the water - not to slide, but to dip their feet in. Its no wonder that they are both Pisces.

This picture was too see further down the park area, They even have a diving area, as that part is very deep.

A picture of us after the cold water.

We managed to make it out of the bumper-to bumper traffic after 1.5 hours to go ~ 5 miles. We are going to stop at Flying J, our favorite gas station and fill up and I think I am going to stop working on the computer, my hands are getting tired, I guess it has been awhile since I have used this system to write and my arms and hands are not used to it.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Creating Moods

Hi All,
Found this really cool site from someone else, as I was just surfing along - it is called where you can show different moods for the day. So you will see on the side bar the mood that we have. Basically chilling out today, Sasha is on the couch, he's fine, just had some work done before we went away for the big travel session. Now we have to get into shape again soon. We will be picking up the trailer next week. I have been trying out a new Internet card, this one is from Sprint. It did not work in Purcellville, where I was at Magnolia's in the Mill (a very nice restuarant in Purcellville, VA) but that might be because of the very sturdy walls and no windows. It did work in Leesburg, at the Dulles Area Association of Realtors. I am an Affiliate member for DAAR and it worked quite well there.

I promise, some time this weekend I will have the rest of the pictures from Arizona up, and then the pictures where my and Sasha's Family came over for Sasha's Birthday Party.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Walnut Creek Canyon, Arizona

Continuing with the last full day with the Parents
As there were no other people on the trail, we could not get others to take our picture together, so we took each couple separately:

After we took the walk on the first trail at Walnut Creek Canyon, we decided we needed something to eat, so we had a picnic in the shade on the top part of the canyon.Mom took this one of us, so we returned the favor, and took one of them.
Once we were finished with the lunch, we went walking back to our truck, put everything but our water and cameras back, and took a couple of pictures at the top, before heading down the 240 stairs (No I did not count them, but that is what the brochure said there was!) The first trail was ~0.7 miles and the second was 0.9 miles which passes by 25 of the cliff dwelling rooms. We probably took pictures of several of them. It is amazing to me, but I would imagine that the people were smaller than we are now, as Dad (being 6'5") could have hit his head on many of the roofs. But some of the rooms were larger. Check it out below:
This was a tree that we saw on the side of the trail, it looked so beautiful that I had to take its picture.
This was one of the first cliff dwellings that we saw as we were going down. Obviously, we should stay on the trail, they put that sign there because there are those that do not pay attention to the signs. Which of course, is not right at all.
Sasha on the trail: He usually has no problem going down, but more problem going up, while I take my time going down and love going up. I think that is because I am afraid of falling down, I have had many experiences in my geology days where I fell down a mountain or two. Most of them happened out west, while I was working in Montana on dinosaur digs or at field camp. Sometimes the rocks are so slippery, it is easy to fall. So I am more careful now.
Here is a picture of the stairs looking up, which we will do shortly. I took this picture after going down, just to see where I had been. As you can see, there are dwellings within the cliffs. If you need to see them more closely, just click on the picture and it will give you the larger view. Here is another picture of the cliff dwellings over on the other side of the canyon. They had dwellings on both sides, so that winter one side, summer another side. Looking at a dwelling close up. Again, got to love the national and state parks, they allow you to see so much.

OK How do they fit through that hole? I am 6 feet tall and so is Sasha (Mom being the short one in our group at only 5 feet, 10 inches.) But even a five foot person, well, I realize they would have to duck, but still, seems quite small. Dad took this picture, but of course, he would not have been able to stand straight up if he was in the picture, he would have hit his head. And the rock here is very hard.
That is all the pictures for now, as I am being called to dinner. But I will upload more to and then you can see what else we did that day. To see the previous post about the last full day: = "Loves the Outdoors, with the exception to Bugs." -- Laura Jevtich of